Super Boss Casino – Meet Playtech Tournament

Super Boss casino is one of the new gambling sites on the market, and so it will definitely have everything that its players would like to appreciate over there. Which includes a host of specialty games, and a variety of amazing promotions too. And this is where you shall find all those immensely popular slot machines, along with other cool features that are likely going to enable new possibilities for you to score and win some goodies. Because that is precisely what you can manage to acquire once you become a full time member of the online casino Super Boss. Additional promo terms, conditions, and other requirements may apply still.

There are various online tournaments and competitions running at the SuperBoss casino as we speak, including a host of other awesome things too. One of the competitions in which you can now participate; is none other than Meet Playtech. This online tournament runs between the 22nd and 29th of April this year, offering a prize pool of $400 in cash for its winners. That, and of course all the new Playtech games, which you may get to play once you become a member. So go ahead and sign up now, thus gaining full 24/7 access to its platform. On top of that, the casino will have a bunch of surprises, including welcome bonuses.

Super Boss Casino Promotion

Tournament: Meet Playtech

Start: 22/04/2022

End: 29/04/2022

Games: Playtech slots

Prize Pool: $400

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