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Silverplay casino is ready to take you on an adventure that might possibly change your life altogether. it is here, that you are going to find out all about having fun and spinning on the reels of various slot machines. Because the XXXtreme Lighting Roulette is one of those amazing games that are bound to provide everything you need when it comes to having a lot of fun. Due to various online gambling activities, and of course a plethora of other cool stuff. Because the various bonuses that you are going to meet out there are definitely worth it. See to it that you can join the Extreme Wins tournament; a promotion that involves the game of roulette.

Not even the basic version of that game, but the XXXtreme Lightning Roulette at that. So keep in mind that you are part of the online casino Silverplay and its online bonus program. Because then you shall immediately get into whatever other amazing games await you within. There is definitely room for more players, and so everybody will get to enjoy themselves out there. This is by far one of the most thrilling events to come out of this casino, therefore allowing everybody to have plenty of fun. Keep in mind that you can always return to the Silver play casino, and win such prizes as the 4,000 Euros pool of prizes. Terms and conditions apply.

Silverplay Casino Promotion

Tournament: Extreme Wins

Prize: 4,000 EUR

Games: XXXtreme Lighting Roulette

Start: 11th May 2022

End: 25th May 2022

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