Find many treasures at the Samosa Casino

Samosa Casino is a truly one of a kind gaming site, and it has many extraordinary wares to present you with. Some of those will either involve games, or like in many cases; promotions as well. This incredibly friendly gambling platform is no stranger to similar entertainment, therefore you should do well and sign up to join its club right away. By doing so, you will gain a lot of superb content, but also a plethora of other cool thing too. Just make sure that you read the official terms and conditions, and you will be golden. Find your treasure at Casino Samosa, and get to enjoy lots of its fantastic video slots plus many other games too.

There are certainly many of those to find out here, featuring this biweekly treasure hunt tournament. This way, you can manage to find a lot of other surprises, and of course to enjoy just as many wonderful gifts. The total prize pool for this tournament is 2,000 Euros, which should definitely make your experience a lot more thrilling. Check out a few more releases from the online casino and enter its lobby to find all the goods you need. There is definitely no lack of proper gaming equipment there.

Samosa Casino Promotion

Promo: Find Your Treasure

Rewards: €2,000 cash

Tourney: Treasure Hunt

Leaderboard: top 200

Active: every 2 weeks

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