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PowBet launches a couple more of its excellent promotions; including various tournaments with cash prizes and bonus points. If you sign up now, then you will also get to enjoy a few more perks, including all these really cool benefits that come with new player membership. Plus the fact that you can always take part in whatever other gambling activities are at large there. Since the PowBet casino is regularly adding new stuff, therefore adding much more to the fold. So if you are ready to enter the world of online gaming, you will most certainly get to appreciate so many other things out there. Plus a host of additional content, since you may often explore those things here.

The Masters is one of the online tournaments with prizes, as it comes with the total of 1,500 Euros in cash. Get ready for more slot action, and play these cool new games that are easily provided for your enjoyment. Even if you don't get to play during this particular event, there will be many more coming to the Pow Bet casino in the future. One may certainly find a whole lot more than just that, of course. Since the online games are about to provide a great deal of other awesome things in the long run as well.

PowBet Casino Promotion

Tournament: The Masters

Prize Pool: €1,500

Valid: 29th September 2021

No. of Winners: 30

Minimum Deposit: €20.00

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