Is There a Strategy to Hitting the Bonus Rounds in Online Slots?

Online slots are one of the most popular casino games. The exciting graphics, themes, and chance to win big payouts make them an enjoyable way to gamble online. One of the most thrilling parts of playing slots is when you trigger a bonus round. These bonus games offer you the chance to win extra prizes and really boost your bankroll. But is there actually a strategy to hitting these lucrative bonus rounds more often? And where do you find casinos that offer online slots with bonus rounds?

Where to Find Online Casinos that Offer Slots with Bonus Rounds

Now that you understand the scoop on triggering rewarding bonus rounds, where should you play to chase them? Many real money online casinos offer huge slot libraries chockfull of games boasting exciting bonus features. Based on top-quality software and big progressive jackpots, here are go-to sites to spin slots with thrilling bonus rounds:

JackpotCity: This Microgaming casino houses over 400 slots from this leading software provider. Their branded titles based on movies, TV shows, and games offer innovative bonus rounds with free spins, picking challenges, and interactive play.

Spin Casino: Another Microgaming site, Spin contains new and classic slots with bonus games. Their line-up provides everything from battling monsters during features to choosing items reveal instant prize payouts.

BetMGM: This robust platform contains a wide variety of slots from developers like IGT and Everi. BetMGM's selection includes games focused squarely on triggering over-the-top bonus rounds for life-changing payouts.

Every slot player enjoys hitting a bonus round with its elevated payout potential. If you wish to play real money games focused on triggering thrilling bonus features, the reputable casinos above provide premium options. Remember to gamble responsibly as randomness ultimately decides when bonuses strike.

Understanding Bonus Rounds

Before looking at strategies, it's important to understand what bonus rounds are and how they work in online slots. Bonus rounds are mini-games that occur randomly while playing a slot. Usually you have to hit a certain combination of symbols to unlock the bonus round. This could be three scatter symbols or a combination of bonus symbols.

Once triggered, the gameplay shifts to a separate bonus game. This can take many forms – free spins, picking objects to reveal prizes, and interactive games. The goal is simple – to win as much money as possible before the bonus round ends and regular slot play resumes. The prizes awarded in bonus rounds are usually much more generous than standard payouts on the slots.

Can You Influence Your Chances?

So bonus rounds deliver big rewards. The next question – can you actually influence your chances of hitting them? Unfortunately, the short answer is no. The reason comes down to the random number generators (RNGs) that power all online slots. These software algorithms randomly determine each spin outcome. Over the long run, the RNG makes sure the slot returns a set payback percentage.

As players, we have no insight into the RNG code or ability to detect patterns that would help predict results. So whether you hit a bonus round combination is entirely down to luck in that moment. There is no changing the probability for that spin by using a special strategy or anything you do differently.

Tips Some Players Follow

While bonus round triggers are random, some slots players still have techniques they follow in hopes of boosting their luck. Do these tips actually work? Technically no since the RNG still decides every outcome. But some players swear certain rituals bring them more bonus round luck:

  • Betting Max: Some slots require max bet to activate bonuses. Even when it's not required, some think betting more activates them more often.
  • Stopping and Starting: Stopping a slot then quickly restarting it to “reset it” is believed to shake up the RNG by some.
  • Switching Games: If a game hasn't hit the bonus for a while, some players think switching slots then returning later tricks it into awarding it next time.

Unfortunately no evidence suggests these strategies alter the slots' randomness. Yet if such rituals make playing more enjoyable for you, it doesn't necessarily hurt to follow them. Just know the RNG still dictates your chance of unlocking a bonus round each spin in the end.

Random Luck is the Only True Factor

While exciting to win, online slots bonus rounds are dictated purely by random chance on every spin. No legitimate strategy exists to make them hit more frequently or predict when they'll occur. Still, playing online slots is fun entertainment. If chasing the big rewards in bonus games is part of the enjoyment for you, spin away! Just concentrate on managing your bankroll properly as you await that lucky break when bonus symbols line up just right for you.

Should You Always Play Bonus Rounds When Triggered?

When that lucky spin hits and a bonus round begins, excitement sets in. More money is on the horizon! But is playing every bonus game you trigger necessarily the right move? If the unlock requirement caused you to bet more per spin than normal, you'll want to run the numbers.

Factor any extra money risked against the potential bonus round payoff. On some slots, the feature barely pays more than the extra money spent to hit it. If maximizing long-run returns is your goal, skipping meager bonuses is smart gambling.

Can Bonus Rounds Be Re-Triggered?

Many slots let you randomly retrigger bonus rounds while playing them. So if playing a 20-free spin feature, lining up scatter symbols again during the round can unlock another. This creates the prospect of chaining together bonuses for monster payouts.

Be aware the odds of lining up bonus symbols again during rounds are usually slim. Don't chase re-triggers as most pay decently on their own. But hitting consecutive bonus activations pays tremendous dividends on some slots. If it happens, enjoy the good fortune!