Bizzo Casino – Oracle Slot Race Tournament

Bizzo Casino is a new place where you can get tons of really cool bonuses, and a lot of other rewards on top. Plus the fact that Casino Bizzo is all about having fun, makes it a really great spot to check out as soon as you can. It is also the home of many exquisite video games, because that is definitely a cool way for many of the viewers to try a couple of the latest offerings from this platform. And naturally a whole lot of promotions, tournaments, and other awesome campaigns. Including the Oracle Slot Race, because of course it is now live and delivering some really amazing bonus gifts on top. Which is definitely something that one should easily get into right away.

Of course, there are plenty more of these cool games and whatnot, therefore many other tournaments are about to follow. Keep in mind there are other awesome things you can try, so let's not forget that one may often get to enjoy a plethora of different games and whatnot. Check it out now and see what manner of surprises you are left to discover there. Start off with the Oracle Slot Race, because it is about to end really soon. While there are 2000 Euros and 2000 Free Spins to win during this event. Terms and conditions apply.

Bizzo Casino Promotion

Tournament: Oracle Slot Race

Active: 15th August 2022

Prize Pool: €2000 + 2000FS

Games: qualifying slot

1 Point: every €1 in bets

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