YoYo Casino's Slot of the Week – Asgardian Stones

YoYo Casino arrives with its next Slot of the Week tournament, which offers the players some well deserved entertainment, and a whole lot more loyalty points. The campaign is going to prove quite exciting to those who haven't been able to play NetEnt's brand new video slots “Asgardian Stones”, and the rest who is looking forward to some portion of the loyalty points, because after all – that is the main highlight of this competition. If you want to take part in the ongoing tournament, then you are welcome to join and have a real blast while proceeding with the challenges, which are bound to appeal to everyone interested in spinning a couple of times, as the reels hide an abundance of special bonuses, free spins, and everything else that the players can gather during their adventures with the Asgardian Stones. The promotion has just begun – on the 5th March, and will continue right until March 9th (2018).

During one of those competition, the customers will explore not only the various things that made it to Yo Yo Casino, including some of the hottest games on the market, but also receive plenty of loyalty points, which can be further used to their benefit. With as many as 100,000 L.P.s being served throughout the promotional period, the players will have their hands full, playing games selected for this occasion. One of the slots that was lately released on the internet, is the Asgardian Stones, which you can now play at casino YoYo, and gather a lot of additional points, just for making successful bets and climbing up the leaderboard. Find all the information you need, by checking out the official Slot of the Week webpage, or signing up to join the program.

YoYo Casino Promotion

Promo: Slot of the Week

Game: Asgardian Stones

Start: 05/03/2018

End: 09/03/2018

Prize Pool: 100,000 L.P.

Minimum Bet: €0.30

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