3,000 Free Spins – Lottery by Woo Casino

Woo Casino returns with its annual lotteries, introducing one of those raffles in which players can win a lot of bonus spins. Because there are so many different types of promotions out there, it is vital to find the ones in which you can participate on a regular basis. This is where Casino Woo comes to help you with that. It's Regular Lottery offers a total of 3,000 Free Spins – so that you can enter the draw and win some extra rounds. In addition to the free spins, there are games that you can play and have some fun.

Not to mention the rest of its special offers. WooCasino is here to stay and provide you with all the basic necessities every player needs to continue on gambling. Firstly, register an account on the Woo Casino site, so that you will be able to claim some bonuses and play whenever you feel like having fun. This Regular Lottery with 3000 Free Spins returns every five days, so make sure to visit the online casino for your share of the prize pool. There are plenty of winning tickets, and you only have to join to get a chance to win. Further bonus terms and conditions may still apply. See the official casino website for more details on the requirements.

Woo Casino Promotion

Promotion: Regular Lottery

Available: every 5 days

Total Pool: 3,000 Free Spins

15 Tickets: 100 Free Spins

60 Tickets: 25 Free Spins

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