Vbet casino lottery – current jackpot: €25,000,000

Vbet casino offers plenty of unusually profitable opportunities, and many of them await in the casino's lottery section. Such games of chance have a great potential of making their participants richer in a matter of split seconds, but in order to win – one must first play. That of course, is extremely fun and gives you all the necessary resources to start this experience to begin with. Sign up for a player account and use the bonus funds to continue the virtual adventures that await you at the online casino Vbet.

This are lots of amazing benefits that should prove to be of great use to the viewers, and so the players may want to check back and find out more about the promotions at work. The Big Hero is one of the upcoming lotteries, which is going to start at V bet on the 17th of January; Friday. The current jackpot is €25,000,000 – which sure does make this event quite relevant when it comes to online gambling services provided by the online casino. Enter The Big Hero lottery by buying entries and taking part in the draw that is going to be held a week from now, just in time for you to grab a portion of the prize fund. All the relevant terms, conditions and rules – are provided along with each offer separately, or in the general T&C section of the official Vbet casino website.

Vbet Casino Promotion

Promotion: The Big Hero

Start: 17.01.2020

Draw: Friday

Type: Lottery

Jackpot: €25,000,000

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