Hit the Jackpot – this week at TTR Casino

TTR Casino aims to improve the online gambling experience by adding a couple more of its bonus events, so that its members would have a lot on their plates and feel comfortable knowing that Casino TTR is willing to provide them with the best entertainment on the internet. With so much going on out there, it might be difficult to find a moment to spend on playing games while relaxing and being able to win prizes. Fortunately, the TTRCasino is here to deliver, and it will help its players to collect some cash at the same time.

Given that there are always various promotions, one should also remember about the recurring weekly lotteries; offering a €2,500 each week and a total of €10,000 every single month. Join the TTR Casino now and hit the jackpot with this ongoing lottery that is currently taking place there. The 5 winning tickets will be sharing the weekly prize pool, and anyone can enter the draw by making a qualifying deposit. Once you get on board with this online casino, there will be tons of new games to play and still plenty of other special offers in which you can still participate. For now however, let's focus on winning the $500 that still await; among other things.

TTR Casino Promotion

Lottery: Hit the Jackpot

Ends: Saturday [18:15UTC]

Prizes: €2,500 Cash Bonuses

1 Ticket: €/$100 deposit

Winning Tickets: 5

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