New Year's Lottery: 2020 Free Spins from Spinia

Spinia is a colorful online casino that offers its players a whole lot more in terms of games and promotions, so they could always expect some amazing benefits whenever they return to this gambling palace. There are plenty of amazing things that can be appreciated at any time, and many of them will revolve around additional bonuses, cash prizes or free spins. The latter can be acquired by participating in the next Spinia casino lottery, which has been fittingly named: New Year's Lottery 2020. Plunge into this new year with the help from casino Spinia, and collect some of those bonus spins – there are 2020 free spins in total, and available every 2 days.

Those who purchase 10 tickets to enter the lottery will be getting 100 free spins, while buying at least 51 tickets can get you as many as 20 free spins. Hurry up though, because this promotion is going to end pretty soon, continuing only until the end of this week; which leaves you still some time left to join. Stuff your pockets with the extra spins and play some absolutely amazing games, as the instructions are really simple and require of you only these easy steps: make a deposit, get tickets and wait for the draw to win. There is much more at stake at Spinia, and players will soon discover that this fabulous online casino holds some of the greatest promotions on the internet. That, as well as the many, many online slots that one can play at any given moment, of course.

Spinia Casino Promotion

Campaign: New Year's Lottery 2020

Ends: 5th January 2020

Prizes: 2020 Free Spins (every 2 days)

10 Tickets: 100 Free Spins

51 Tickets: 20 Free Spins

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