Last survivors will share €10,000 with NextCasino

NextCasino has just initiated the start of another one of its exciting promotion – this time a campaign with a bunch of cash prizes that all those who persevere until the end, would share a huge amount of money. Only the last survivors can expect to be rewarded, and as the promo continues, the stakes are going to rise exponentially. If you wish to qualify and enter the Last Survivors and win a significant share of the €10,000 cash pool, then you must first meet the initial criteria that have been set by Next Casino for the members of its VIP Club. Players who already belong to the VIP Program and want to join the competition, have to bet on the Platinum, Premium or Prestige level, and then proceed with the instructions that were provided by the operator to smoothly progress throughout the qualification period. Only by playing for as long as you can, day by day, you can ultimately become the last standing participant of this virtual battle royale, and prove everybody else that you are as dedicated to online games as others may only claim to be.

The minimum daily bet required for opting in is €200, and you should continue your consecutive streak for at least 14 days, starting with the 26th of February. Don't miss a single day, or you'll fall out of the leaderboard run, with amazing prizes reserved only for the most persistent and dedicated of players. See if you're still standing by viewing the Last Survivors promo page that consists of the current rankings and positions. The player who makes continues wagers for the most days, will be crowned as the Last Survivor, thus winning the main reward of €5,000. All of the basic requirements are currently available at Next Casino, within the respective section for this promotion, but if you would check if you qualify at all, then contact the online support or opt in if you already do.

NextCasino Promotion

Start: 26.02.18

Minimum daily bet: €/£/$200

Qualifications: consecutive streak

Period: at least 14 days

Eligibility: part of VIP Program

1st – $/€5000
2nd – $/€3000
3rd – $/€1000
4th – $/€500
5th – $/€500

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