Mr Green's 10 Year Anniversary – 2018

Mr Green is turning 10, which should be a good cause for celebration. Can you believe it that it has been 10 years already? Ten years of non-stop entertainment with Mister Green and his online casino. A decade full of gaming, bonuses and fun, not to mention lots of winnings that might have appeared along the way just as well. There is no lack of great opportunities with this one, especially if you find yourself in need of some extra coin to play for much longer than usual. Get right on track with what has been going on at Mr Green casino up to date, and find out what special treats await you in the upcoming days, because you can now celebrate the anniversary with tons of bonuses and exclusive incentives, which are reserved to all members of the MrGreen program.

Embark on an epic journey, full of excitement and generous prizes for all the winners of this promotion. There will be sports cars and prize pools worth €10,000 throughout the celebration period, as one turns ten only once in their life. Put an explorer’s hat on your head – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a green one, and find out what lies beyond the realm of online gambling, achieving the impossible while pursuing some of the fine awards. You can find out all about the Mr Green’s 10 Year Anniversary campaign, via the official casino site, or the blog page, where all the vital information has already been posted about the 10th anniversary campaign.


* This promotion lasts from January 11th – 31st (2018)

* All participants have a chance at winning a share of €10,000

* The main prize will include a brand new sports car

* The campaign is reserved for valid account holders (18+)

* Promotional Terms & Conditions apply

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