King Billy and Victoria's Secret online campaign: $500 Lingerie Gift Card

King Billy casino is always looking out for the members and encouraging its female players to join the online games, by offering even a special mode that has been exclusively made for the ladies. The casino has even organized a unique campaign this month, partnered with the Victoria's Secret company. This month would be dedicated specifically to all the women who may want to win a coupon gift of $500, specifically reserved to buy things at the Victoria's Secret store.

The $500 Lingerie Gift Card can be won during the June promotion at casino King Billy. The King's Secret promo will simultaneously offer weekly bonus prizes, as well as additional free spins, available alongside the main event. If that sounds like something you want to check out, then you may already visit King Billy and opt in. Those who are not members of the lounge, can sign up to claim the welcome package, which can be acquired on several stages. It is no secret that the online casino has some truly amazing bonuses for new players as well as its regular customers, so go check it out and register at the earliest convenience. There is so much more that everyone can achieve there and play fantastic games while getting plenty of instant freebies.

King Billy Casino Promotion

* This promotion is available via the Ladies casino mode

* The main prize for this campaign is a $500 Lingerie Gift Card

* Weekly prizes and free spins will also be available

* Specific requirements are to be expected during this campaign

* General Terms & Conditions may still apply

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