32 Days of Night – A Winter Calendar by Kaboo

Online casino Kaboo has organized a special campaign called “32 Days of Night“, a Winter Calendar promotional happening that will take place on the website during the whole month of December this year. Keep on searching for the perfect moment to strike and if you survive this period of time, there would be bountiful awards waiting for the winners and participants alike. The main events of this time frame can be browsed further below in this section.

Kaboo promotion

Wednesday Winter Battles: Wagering 100EUR grants 10 Echoes on the following day. Fulfilling the wagering requirements generates a ticket to the draw for a €1000 prize pool.

5-day Christmas Combat: Segmented offer with 5 days full of 50% Reloads with a default amount of 20EUR.

Four Days of Light: 20 Echoes for every 20EUR deposited on the next 4 days, valid once a single day.

Winter Solstice: Quantum Mode on Play Mission with Echoes progression twice as normal.

Returning Light: Top 10 slots will feature a special Play Mission, as well as 8% easier bonus retrieval.

New Year Mission: 250 Echoes for finishing the minimum Play Mission before the New Year.

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