Win big and get £50 cash from Jackpot Jones

Jackpot Jones will be raising the stakes on games this month, with some additional cash benefits that players can receive on selected days. Furthermore, everyone who makes a deposit and stakes it on slots – could win additional cash. Deposit and stake at least £10 and you may get £50 cash tomorrow. In order to do that, follow the simple rules that has been set by JackpotJones for this promo. The official terms, conditions and wagering requirements can be found alongside other rules for each specific bonus offer.

However, one must do that on the promotional days: 6th, 20th and 27th of April. This is when the Winner Winner campaign is going to be active and qualify you for these attractive benefits. So pick your slot now and return to the Jackpot Jones casino during the Winner Winner promotion. Or better yet; stay now and check out some of its other special offers. This is definitely a must for anyone who is a fan of slot machines, but of course there are other games too. Casino Jackpot Jones will provide all the basic necessities of course; especially for those who are going to make a deposit for the very first time and start playing some games.

Jackpot Jones Casino Promotion

Promotion: Winner Winner

Valid: 6/20/27 April 2020

Deposit + Stake: £10

Games: slots

Prize: £50 cash

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