The Grand Ivy Tour campaign with a Mercedes-Benz

The Grand Ivy Casino is always able to surprise its viewers and offer them something exciting to do, while plenty of rewards are waiting to be claimed. This time around, it would be a regular promotion that takes place every month at this online casino, giving the clients a challenging way to apprehend the main prize. Though it might not seem like a big deal, it quite certainly is, because the reward for winning this competition appears to be a brand new car of rather huge proportions. A Mercedes-Benz SLC can be won during The Grand Ivy Tour promotion, every single month as it has already been stated.

This exclusive giveaway is open to all active casino members, as they can reach for this award by taking part in the competition. Every deposit of £100 made at the Grand Ivy, generates 10 Ivy Points, a special currency reserved for this occasion. The more you deposit, the more points you receive and as soon as you reach the necessary limit of 1000 Ivy Points, a single entry for the nearest Mercedes-Benz draw would be assigned to your account. Be mindful however, that at the end of each month, the amount of Ivy Points collected is going to be reset, starting from zero in the next one. All of the participants who enter the draw, as well as those who ultimately win, can expect to be informed by e-mail. One can always get more information from the main source and those who would like to participate, may do so right away.

The Grand Ivy Casino promotion

* The Grand Ivy Tour promotion is carried out every single month

* The main reward reserved for this occasion is a new Mercedes-Benz SLC

* In order to enter the draw, one must first collect 1000 Ivy Points

* Each 10 Ivy Points is granted after depositing £100 minimum

18+. One ticket for entry = 1000 Ivy Points. £10 deposit x2 wagering= 1 Ivy Point. Full draw terms apply.

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