Deco Diamonds: the race is on at CasinoLuck

CasinoLuck is always full of surprises; not only is this one of the greatest and longest running online casinos on the web, but it also has some of the best promotions; the kind of which can be appreciated by a much larger player base. Playing such games have never been more fun, and as the time passes by; new ones are added to make it even more appealing to anybody who is eager to spin, bet and compete for multiple prizes. One of these iconic Casino Luck promotions is already running on its colorful site, and it's called the Deco Diamonds; because of the titular's game arrival at CasinoLuck. This definitely causes for celebration, and what better way to do just that, than with cash prizes that everybody can win at this online gaming platform (additional terms and conditions may apply).

Deco Diamonds Deluxe is a long awaited video slot, which has now been made available to the entire internet. Be the first to win many bonuses, and witness this spectacular online game in its full glory. The Deco Diamonds campaign has been launched in celebration of the arrival of this particular slot, and so everybody is welcome to join the festivities, getting to play it in the first place. Until the 12th of November 2019, all members of the Casino Luck program will be able to take part in the online race, which provides a likely chance to share the total prize pool worth £5,000. Newcomers may want to seize this opportunity for signing up with the online casino.

CasinoLuck Promotion

Promotion: Deco Diamonds

Dates: 7-12 November

Type: online race

Game: Deco Diamonds Deluxe

Prize Pool: £5,000

1 Point: £1 bet

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