Follow the yellow brick road to casino GoodWin

GoodWin Casino is notorious for its many, many games and the trademark online promotion called: Yellow Brick Road. Follow this yellow brick road that leads straight to winnings, and grab a portion of that sweet cash prize that features a total prize fund of €50. Every slot game is allowed to participate, which means that you are going to have plenty of amazing video slots to choose from when dealing with the challenges of this ongoing competition. As of right now, there are over 150 hours left to end this particular offer, but more promotions are sure to follow very shortly, so stay tuned for the latest news and updates from Casino GoodWin.

Collecting the points is really easy, as you get 1 for every €1 that you win on the games played during the yellow brick road, and the tournament is going to run for an entirety of a whole week. The top winner is chosen accordingly to the sum of bets, and the max bank is unlimited; which is always good. Stride along the path and get to win lots of coins, which sounds like a really great way to play new slots and enjoy the spoils of every victory that could occur at any given time. Sign up at Good Win casino and become a member of its online program, getting lots of incredible bonuses along the way. Standard terms and conditions may apply.

GoodWin Casino Promotion

Campaign: Yellow Brick Road

Prize Fund: €50

1 Point: every €1 won

Reward Split:
1 place – 33%
2 place – 25%
3 place – 20%
4 place – 14%
5 place – 8%

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