Top provider tournament – now at casino FEZbet

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This online casino FEZbet is hosting numerous gaming events too, so expect to see more of such competitions. Once you sign up, consider making a deposit to unlock more of these attractive and very useful benefits. There is one particular campaign that should be on everyone's radar. It's the next Top Provider tournament, because this week is going to mark the end of the current month. Join forces with the FEZ bet casino for an instant boost and progress through the games to reach a high spot on the leaderboard. The complete list of available games that participate in this iteration of the Top Provider tourney, are provided with other details on the casino's website. In addition to having plenty of fun with the games, you can win and collect many loyalty points. In fact; there are 250,000 of those for this tournament alone. Just make sure that you check out some of the other FEZbet offers and promotions.

FEZbet Casino Promotion

Tournament: Top Provider

Prize Pool: 250,000 L.P.

Minimum Bet: €0.30

Ends: 31st July 2020

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