Become the lord of space with casino Casoo

Casoo is not any online casino; it's a space gaming program out of this world – which aims to give its players even more ways to handle their favorite software. Each time they come by to visit the Casoo casino, the operator will have added new games for them to play, along with some extra promotions for everybody who seems already be familiar with these entertainment variants.

A couple of special competitions are carried out by casino Casoo on a regular basis, so you can already join them on every single day of the week. Starting with Monday, all the way throughout the entire week until Sunday during weekends, the Space Race tournaments are going to be hosted there. Each tournament provides its own pool of prizes, featuring either €2,000 on week days or €5,000 during weekends. Specific bonus terms, conditions and wagering requirements may still apply, of course.

These tournaments are available on a day to day basis, and the winners can immediately receive their winnings; enjoying all free spins and cash prizes. No buy-ins are required at this point, so all that you have to do is simply play games and keep on playing. The Casoo website has all the important details on how to sign up and start enjoying some of its many benefits.

Casoo Casino Promotion

Monday: €2,000 Space Race

Tuesday: €2,000 Space Race

Wednesday: €2,000 Space Race

Thursday: €2,000 Space Race

Friday: €2,000 Space Race

Saturday & Sunday: €5,000 Space Race

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