February Carnival Missions with Universal Slots

Universal Slots has already tapped into its full potential, by bringing forward many innovative solutions, and technologies that have already proven to be essential for any gambling activity. Some of these resources might involve free spins – while others would definitely prove to be of great help to anybody willing to participate in the numerous competitions that follow. Promotions are certainly a good way to get introduced to some of the new games, but there are still plenty of oldies and classics that you shouldn't dismiss.

One such opportunity had already presented itself, and it was called the Yggdrasil February Carnival Missions. The campaign was huge, and it came with a total of €60,000 in valuable cash prizes – split among the following three events: Lantern Festival, Venice Carnival, and Rio Carnival. You may want to check if the competition is still available, and if not; then try to join some of the other promotions, because there is always something happening at the Universal Slots casino. The February Carnival Missions by Yggdrasil was just one of the many online campaigns, and you are about to find that there is still so much more to casino than that.

Universal Slots Casino Promotion

Total Prize Pool: €60,000

Lantern Festival: €10,000

Venice Carnival: €15,000

Rio Carnival: €35,000

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