Buran Casino Oktoberfest: €3000 + €1000

Buran Casino is about to celebrate this year's Oktoberfest with the addition of its own festive tournament. This competition is going to be called Oktoberfest, of course. However, there is much more to win than beer. In addition to games that focus on the them of this holiday, the BuranCasino will be offering some other surprises too. Those will include the tournament prize pool of €3000 plus €1000 in extra cash prizes. You can join the Oktoberfest tournament by Casino Buran, between the 18th September and October 4th.

It sure looks like things are about to get even more interesting, so grab a few quick spins and start playing games at this online casino. This tournament is not the only one however, and you can still enter multiple other tourneys, if you only wish so. Get there right now and find out what other promotions has been already launched. The top 10 players who participate in the Oktoberfest tourney, will see their fair share of cash; from the massive pool of €4000. Check out some of the other offers too, and see what type of special bonuses has the Buran Casino program in its current offer. On the other hand, you can still play games and not even worry about competing for prizes. The experience alone can be so rewarding, followed by a plethora of free spins. Promo terms and conditions apply.

Buran Casino Promotion

Tournament: Oktoberfest

Start: 18-09-2020

End: 04-10-2020

Prizes: €3000 + €1000

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