Travel to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with BGO

BGO casino is currently undergoing the celebration of the arrival of a rock n roll classic among video slots, offering plenty of attractions that are bound to deliver multiple opportunities of a lifetime. Rock and Roll music has been always perceived as the rebellious genre of music that gathered all types of dangerous persona. Few have been able to notice, that the same rock music was able to united everybody, regardless of their gender, race or believes, making the world a better place. No individual band is the same however, but many have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – an institution dedicated to the legendary artists and their heavy sound projects. If you are a rocking fan of this type of music, yet have never been able to visit the museum that has its building in Cleveland, then now is the perfect chance to realize this dream of yours and take a trip to the United States.

Follow the next huge event at casino BGO and find out all there is about this fancy new promotion that has been launched in order to celebrate the arrival of NetEnt’s “Motörhead” video slot. A single player will be able to travel this long distance and witness the rocker prowess in full display, just by simply winning the main prize. Do not worry if you do not get to reach the first place however, as there are still lots of alternatives to benefit from, including cash rewards and free spins on the eponymous Motorhead slot machine. For every £20 that you wager throughout the promotional period, one raffle ticket will be granted toward your account. The more tickets you gather, the better chances at winning you ultimately receive, so there is no sense in holding back any longer. Make your way to casino bgo and find out what other attractions you can expect from this exciting, new campaign all alone, because the stakes are quite high and you too can be the won who wins big in the end.

BGO promotion

1st place: Entry to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

2nd place: £500 in Cash Bonuses

3rd-10th places: 50 Mega Spins on “Motörhead”

11th-20th places: 50 Free Spins on “Motörhead”

21st–50th places: 10 Free Spins on “Motörhead”

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