A Christmas Market Giveaway by BGO

BGO is going to throw its next huge party, starting with the next week – when the Christmas Market Giveaway is going to arrive. When you visit the BGO casino between the 5th and 11th of November, you will be able to enter a prize draw, where the main prize is a Prague Christmas Market Break, along with a couple of cash prizes. During the draw itself, as many as 1,000 lucky ticket holds will be enjoying a piece of the prize cake, where the rest can receive a portion of money, or a few additional free spins.

It is definitely a promotion worth joining, so you might want to consider your participation in the upcoming Christmas Market Giveaway Prize Draw, and get a raffle ticket for every £10 wager on the games provided by casino BGO. Every tickets counts, so get as many of those as you possibly can, but don't forget about the rest of the campaign, because there are still going to be other events.

There is also the Christmas Market Giveaway Tournament – available during the hours of 12:00-23:59, on the 12th of November 2018. Each participants will be awarded special Tournament Spins, and the total amount won on the games with those Tournament Spins, is going to determine the final score for the leaderboard. This will be an opportunit of a lifetime, so make sure that you are present during the time of this promotion, and have some spins while you collect the tickets to enter borth: the prize draw as well as the online tournament. Certain terms and conditions are going to apply, so check them out before you join.

BGO Casino Promotion

Promotion: Christmas Market Giveaway

Draw: 5th November – 11th November

Tournament: 12th November (12:00-23:59GMT)

Position / Prize
1st: Prague Christmas Market Break
2nd: £250 cash
3rd: £100 cash
4th: £75 cash
5th: £50 cash
6th-25th: 10 Free Spins

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