Last Survivors: £10,000 at the BetRegal casino

BetRegal has recently opened its new and exciting online competition, dubbed: Last Survivors. The title is quite fitting, as only those persistent enough to keep on playing for the long period of time, will be rewarded for their efforts, and able to win a share of the £10,000 prize pool. In fact, the last standing survivor of this competition, will be rewarded with the main prize of €5,000 – just what anybody would hope to get after such a long and difficult task. But it might not be as tedious as you think, because the next 14 days would be spent on playing games and having as much fun as possible – which is always possible, thanks to the courtesy of the BetRegal casino.

The competitors needed to log in at casino BetRegal on the 13th of March, and then proceed to play for the next 14 days, consecutively. Sadly, that means you cannot participate in this promotion anymore, but there are still other promos worth checking out, and of course all the neat games and slot machines that would make for a rather compelling experience altogether. That would be also a good time to sign up at Bet Regal, which lets you claim the welcome bonus offer, and enjoy everything that this spectacular online casino has prepared for you at the moment. Further terms, conditions, wagering requirements, and rules of the service – may still apply.

BetRegal Casino Promotion

Campaign: Last Survivors

Prize pool: £10,000

Min. daily bet: €200

Last Survivor: €5,000

Gameplay: 14 days

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