Win a trip to Las Vegas + $10,000 with BetBright

BetBrigth Casino has already started an impressive and festive event, available in the form of the currently featured campaign, which is going to last for the entire month. Available until the 8th of May 2016, the promotion allows the players to reach for their dreams and finally plan a trip to the fabulous Las Vegas, as many of them have always wanted. This attractive main prize can be won by achieving the highest gaming ratio possible, which requires some skill and a bit of luck, yet still can be done.

What is more important, the actual stakes do not matter, as one can use either 0.2 or 20 in value of spins and the ratio would be still the same. At the end, all that matters is that a player with the highest winning ratio is going to win a trip to Las Vegas, but the close follow up positions are rewarded as well. Whereas during the Live the Dream Night event, the winner receives $10,000 and may bet on any casino games of choice. After 3 hours have passed, the player can keep whatever winnings that have exceeded the starting amount, as the former must be returned in the entire amount. That however, grants a really good chance to multiply such form of investment and during the specified time period, do whatever it takes to keep the coins flowing. The rest of participants from the top 100 scores may also go back home with some really cool stuff, while the progress rate can be tracked constantly through the promotional page, which is updated regularly every single day.

BetBright Casino promotion

1st prize: a whole week holiday in Las Vegas for the winner and a companion (returning flights, hotel acomodation, tickets for a show and a fine one night dinner for two)
+ Live The Dream Night

2nd prize: Casino London Experience

3rd prize: iPhone 6s

4th-10th prizes: £150 (cash)

11th-25th prizes: £100 (5x wagering)

26th-50th prizes: £50 (5x wagering)

51st-100th prizes: £20 (5x wagering)

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