The Wolf's Night – 24th October (2019)

The Wolf's Night is a horror slot that is going to arrive on the 24th of October this year – just in time for the Halloween season. This ultimate scare fest of a video slot is definitely going to be a staple of NetEnt's software catalog, and for an entertaining casino game such as this; it sure looks scary. Centered on one of the classic aspects of gothic horror – the werewolf, it will bring the most gruesome bonus features to match its savage nature. As the game titles suggests; the nights will be dark and full of terrors in various forms.

Those looking for some thrills this fall, are going to have their wishes fulfilled by tenfold, as The Wolf's Night slot is going to provide all that and some extra coins too. Set for release this autumn, the game will definitely make things a lot more exciting; thanks to the game's stunning visual effects, coupled with intense gameplay style. The denizens of this small town are cursed with the longest nights, and therefore prone to attacks from the blood thirsty beasts that roam the wild. Forests are the last place one should be after the sunset. Don't be afraid of taking risks however, because the rewards of this game can make your time really worth the while.