The Legend of Shangri-La: September 21st (2017)

The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays is NetEnt's brand new slot machine with a released date set for this month, so it should be easy to experience this fantastic game as soon as it becomes available. September 21st is when everything happens, and The Legend of Shangri-La goes live, so expect to play the slot no sooner than the day of the premiere, though you can certainly view its official footage via the official NetEnt YouTube channel. The adventure begins in the mysterious realm known only as Shangri-La, which has been often used as a term to describe a place of unknown origin, inspired by several writings describing a city somewhere in the eastern mountains.

Because of that, the slot has a theme based on mythology, animism and ancient philosophy, zen meditation being a major influence on the setting in general. The anthropomorphic elders can be met while playing the game, each presenting a different message that brings peace of mind and a thought to ponder upon while placing the bets. The slot is part of the popular series of Net Entertainment games dubbed Cluster Pays, which brings amazing payout rates and bonus features that coincide with the theme, as well as they do with the initial mechanics. While the gameplay remains quite similar to the other video slots from this studio, it can change depending on what combination the players get on the six reels. Tranquil images of butterfly and lotus flowers are a common element of the experience, much like the animal characters, with snowy mountain tops where the many mysteries of long forgotten knowledge can be unlocked. The slot will of course be available for desktop as well as mobile platforms, offering a unique experience to anybody who enters this game.