Superstars – October (2022)

Superstars is a fascinating new project from the Net Entertainment studios, which you are bound to encounter once you get on board with any of the NetEnt powered casinos. Plus if you have been around for some time, enjoying those Net Entertainment games, then you will quickly recognize all of the famous characters that are going to play a vital role in this one. That, and a whole bunch of bonuses too. Since this upcoming Superstars video slot will be overflowing with them. Featuring diamond scatters and star embellished wilds.

And of course a lot of free spins too. The Superstars slot is launching on the 27th of October 2022. That means you can check out a few of those other classic games, and of course win yourselves many freebies too. From outstanding cash prizes to a whole lot of bonus spins. These games are every NetEnt's casino staple. Don't worry if you're not familiar with any of the games though. Because one may easily get into all of that, and have so much fun in the process too. Net Ent will definitely make it so that everyone can get to appreciate its various innovations. Providing a safe gambling environment, that is extremely fun and easy to navigate. Superstars will definitely cater to the long time fans of its gaming technology as well. With a bunch of exciting things and a multitude of surprises on top.