Serengeti Kings – 23rd January (2020)

Serengeti Kings is the incredible new video slot game that Net Entertainment studio plans on making part of its upcoming software release wave for the new year 2020. As the slot's title clearly suggests, the game will be based around the natural ecosystem region in Africa; commonly known as the Serengeti. Various wild animals that are native to the continent of Africa call this place their home: lions, panthers, zebras, giraffes, hyenas, and many other wonderful creatures that roam through the lands, as well as the game of Serengeti Kings. Online casinos will become vastly enriched with the addition of this video slot, but so can the winnings that might result from it.

Enjoy their companionship in this virtual safari, where keeping a safe distance won't even be required due to the digital nature of the trip, so any of those who would like to visit Africa but could not afford to travel there for other reason – are now welcome to join this casino adventure, which is going to be introduced by NetEnt on the 23rd of January 2020 – right in time to open a new chapter in gaming.