Santa vs Rudolf – 28th November (2019)

Santa vs Rudolf is the brand new holiday slot that is going to bring the spirit of Xmas back to all the NetEnt powered casinos, and so make this special time of the year even more memorable than ever. Although the winter holidays are still a couple of weeks away, nothing can stop the players in making certain preparations already. Given that it's going to be a festive time, this all calls for an unusual game; which brings us to the one game that is going to make that happen: Santa vs Rudolf – coming to online casinos on the 28th of November.

Those two are best friends throughout the year, but it seems that when it comes to the Xmas season; their moods can differ as much as their personalities. Rudolf the reindeer has taken Santa's hat and so prevented him from going out to give away presents like he normally does, and the holidays are getting closer with every second. Prevent a disaster from happening, and help them to make it just on time.