Rome: The Golden Age – 9th February (2021)

Rome: The Golden Age is glorious new slot game that is about to launch on the 9th of February, 2021. As one of the latest NetEnt projects, Rome: The Golden Age slot will surely bring a lot to the gambling table. Just as the title suggests, the game will be all about the ancient times; Rome specifically. So if you're up for another adventure with Net Entertainment, then you can already expect to see and hear a lot more about this upcoming project. Like on the official Net Ent YouTube channel, for instance, or the studio's website.

This is also where the official video of this game is being released. For those of you who are expecting instant action, this video slot is definitely going to deliver. Rome: The Golden Age offers more than just free spins however, and will contain a variety of special bonuses and other unique features. With 20 fixed bet lines and other settings, it will certainly make for an exciting casino experience. Once the game launches, it will definitely be a worthy title to add to the online games to try.