Ocean's Treasure – 24th February (2020)

Ocean's Treasure will take its players on an underwater adventure, leading them through all the marvelous sights that normally cannot be experienced so easily; unless you have gills or can adapt to the deadly pressure. What many do not know however, is that there are living beings in the deepest corners of the oceans, having their own cities and palaces full of splendor and ancient artifacts.

Visit the underwater kingdom and meet the mermaids and mermen that built this civilization from the bottom of the sea, rising high beneath the waves of the planet's natural waters. The Ocean's Treasure slot is an upcoming casino game, planned for official release by the Net Entertainment studios on February 24th. Join the expedition and venture unto the open seas, where you can discover not only ancient cultures but also some buried treasures. This should be quite the journey, filled with the most precious of all rewards that would be credited to all lucky winners. You can check out some of the early video footage on NetEnt's official YouTube channel.