Lost Relics – 24th May (2018)

Lost Relics is an upcoming game title that should prepare you for the hot summer season, allowing to embark on many adventures, which do not necessarily have to take place outdoors. The Lost Relics slot is a game that focuses on the many rewards that players can obtain during the gameplay, but also have a plethora of wonderful trips into the world of ancient artifacts and long lost treasures.

Uncover many of the tools and jewelry items that were used by previous civilizations, and become a famous archaeologist, digging in the same site which seems to have an unlimited supply of those things, thanks to Net Entertainment and its rich bonus program. Take on this quest and let it lead you to your destiny, where fame, fortune, glory and riches await for those bold enough to take the matters in their own hands. The game is going to hit online casino around the planet on the 24th May 2018 – just in time to prepare for such adventure; one with all the fantastic slot machine elements, extra bonus free spins, impressive computer graphics and other special effects.

This amazing video slot will be also full of hidden bonuses, allowing the players to explore this fascinating world one step at a time. This NetEnt production will be just enough to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats, mainly because it offers all of that and so much more that the casino goers can explore on their own. Before that happens however, you can still try your chances with a couple of other Net Ent slots, some of which were released already, while the rest is still going to come out some time in the not too distant future.