Happy Panda – 5th May (2020)

Happy Panda is one of the NetEnt projects that were aimed exclusively at the Asian market. Since its concept implemented an interface that would be friendly to the Chinese audience, it was initially available to viewers from a particular region. The Net Entertainment company plans to release this video slot worldwide. Fingers crossed that we can play with those lovely pandas really soon.

The date for its online release is approximately May 5th, but that could change so stay tuned for more news. However, one should already expect this game to be quite big, not only because of its lovely theme. From bonuses like free spins to wild symbols, the Happy Panda slot already covers the entire spectrum of slots action with more special content.

Players should quickly pick it up at their favorite online casino too. At least those which currently run on the Net Ent technology that is. In other words; the Happy Panda slot will appease not only fans of this entertainment, but others as well. Given the fact that many of those lovely animations are a crucial part of the game, pandas will be bouncing around the screen, chewing on their favorite bamboo snacks. There will be other wild animals too, returning to the reels each time a certain bonus combination activates.