Finn and Swirly Spin – November 23rd (2017)

Finn and the Swirly Spin will offer the players a fun new games to play, with all the original NetEnt features that are already consider a staple of the genre. There are many similar components from other games as well, but the following video slot comes with its own setup, comprising of multiple free spin bonuses, along with special sections of the game, that can be activated by successfully activating these objectives. Finn will help you by playing his magical flute, so that the symbols on the reels could combine into matching clusters, thus paving the way for the key to reach its destination. The swirly spins are not the only attraction in this game, aside from its many exclusive bonus features, plus the fantastic background looks rather inviting and should be enough to keep the game on a steady level.

Unlocking additional areas will let you explore it further and gain some extra goodies at that too. The unique composition of the slot machine is based in a coil, as the elements will be progressively closing in to the center in a clockwise motion, until the door is finally revealed at the end of the path. Net Entertainment plans on releasing Finn and the Swirly Spin on November 23rd, 2017. Before the slot goes live however, there will be additional video footage of the gameplay, which should become available on the official Net Ent channel.