Dark King: Forbidden Riches – 8th October (2020)

Dark King: Forbidden Riches is the game that serves as a gateway into the realm of darkness and long forgotten knowledge. But that is not all, as the means to unearth the treasure will come to you while accessing the reels of this game. Once you unlock the next stages of the game, more free spins are going to follow. After all; it is a NetEnt slot we are talking about here, so fun is 100% guaranteed. Not only that however, as the slot itself features these fantastic animations; inspired by various works of dark fantasy and similar themes.

The Dark King: Forbidden Riches slot ultimately leads to the catacombs, where all these treasures are guarded by an ancient, immortal overlord. Be careful with each step you take, because there might traps everywhere. Tread lightly, so that you may walk out of this dungeon alive to tell the tale. The world of Dark King: Forbidden Riches comes with many rewards and gifts too. Additional bonuses and extra free spins are the essence of any slot machine, so this one will have an abundance of those. As usual, the game is going to run on mobile devices and desktop platforms. You should expect to hear and see more about this fantastic game very soon.