Buster's Bones – 20th April (2023)

Buster's Bones is one of the newest software projects that are currently under development over at the Net Entertainment studios. NetEnt has been rather busy as of recently, creating all these amazing video slots that you are about to play really soon. Welcome to the wild dog west; a place where the dogs are living in a lawless town, and bandits roam about. But you can rest assured that it's super safe and fun to play, and reminisces the classic slot machines. Take this game packed action onto the streets or inside the saloon, which are the areas where you can spin the reels. And fill your pockets with coins while at it too, because who doesn't like winning.

After all, the Buster's Bones slot is going to be completely filled with chips and free spins too. Expect to see this game very soon, as the NetEnt company plans on releasing it on April 20th. Therefore, letting you enjoy some of that content and continue on the wild west adventure no doubt. If you are looking forward to trying the Buster's Bones, then you can do that at every NetEnt casino. And see what the doggy cowboys are planning to do next. While traveling through the frontier deserts and hunting bounties for more rewards and such. There are lots of attractions waiting for you there, and you can be sure to enjoy them all during the Busters Bones gaming experience.