Bollywood Story – 14th June (2018)

Bollywood Story is the next NetEnt slot that will be appearing this month, and pretty soon at that too, because on the 14th June 2018 – just in time to bring a whole lot of fun to your casino experience. As the title might suggest, the video slot is based on the popular Hindi cinema, with all its popular movie tropes and stories that are frequently implemented by those films. There is a young pair in love, who struggles to make their love official because of the society's norms and other restrictions dictated by the cultural traditions.

The girl's parents aren't happy about a poor boy marrying their beloved daughter, so they won't be helping them any time soon, rather trying to keep them apart at all times. Fortunately, the young couple might still have a happy ending, after all it's an online game that we're talking about here – which means that anything goes, and will be possible thanks to some lucky streaks of fortune.

Of course, there will be still many obstacles in their way, by with a little help from the players, the story can progress further, and result in more than just a couple of bonuses, but also in a pleasant experience that many will hopefully enjoy. The game will surely be a hit, thanks to its pleasant visuals and all types of bonuses that are going to appear during the gameplay. If you would like to give it a try and play the Bollywood Story slot, then you can pick it up at your favorite NetEnt casino really soon, because the Net Entertainment studio is going to launch it tomorrow. Stay tuned for more details about this fancy new game, and expect to see a whole lot of free spins.