Blood Suckers II – October 12th (2017)

Blood Suckers II is the spiritual successor of the Blood Suckers video slot, which NetEnt released to high acclaim as it was one of the very first new casino games that feature a distinctive theme, complete with additional bonuses and spectacular rewards. Following the trails of the vampire lady Amilia, the story focuses on the protagonist as she ventures deep into the long forgotten ruins of a castle, on a quest to reclaim what has been stolen from her ancestors. Slain by the evil vampire hunters, the vampires and their treasures had been lost to time, not guarded by a demon lord that made his home in the crypts beneath. The journey will be perilous, but riches await at the end of the path, just as are the many dangers ahead. Nothing will prevent Amilia from claiming what is rightfully hers by blood, so keep up and do not fall into the dark pits below. The game brings the undying theme of vampires once again, but this time with a glorious display of cutting edge graphics and animations that are a trademark of Net Entertainment software, worthy of praise nonetheless.

This will certainly be one of NetEnt's greatest achievements and it already shows in the early video footage from the gameplay, which can be currently found on YouTube. Those who cannot wait to play the game, may want to check with their favorite NetEnt casino on the 12th of October, because it is when the slot machine is finally going to arrive. In short; the game will consist of 3 rows, 5 reels and 25 fixed lines, but the technicalities are but one of the many traits it is going to possess. Aside from the usual bonuses, Blood Suckers 2 will have Blood Rose Free Spins, the Bonus Shot Feature plus Scatter Shot Feature and even a Hidden Bonus Game, plus some of the wild substitutions. A dark setting will perfectly match the general atmosphere of the narrative, along with the design and original artwork that was heavily inspired by Gothic literature and media. A new generation of vampire is upon us, and it will only make the adventures much more exciting. As an already exclusive slot, Blood Suckers II is going to be released to all casinos in the upcoming month.