Asgardian Stones – 22nd February (2018)

Asgardian Stones is the wall of blocks that guards the passage into the world of the ancient gods: Valhalla. Only the bravest of warriors could pass and share mead at the tables of this otherworldly kingdom, guarded by powerful magic and other contraptions that were supposed to prevent the mortals or the unworthy from entering the realm. There is always another way, and if you look close enough, the faces of the stone bricks were shaped into faces of the old gods, which can now be shifted to form some sort of a mysterious puzzle. In order to enter, one must first complete a set of challenges, which can be only overcome through constant perseverance.

Of course, those who are familiar with slot machines, will quickly recognize this patter as some sort of a reel based game – and it sure is; NetEnt plans to release this software gem on the 22nd of February (2018), so expect some puzzle solving later this month. There are many great things to be expected out of this casino game, and some of which are going to be the result of such bonuses as: Colossal Symbols, Wild substitutions, Bonus Wheels, Free Spins, or the unique Avalanche feature that can bring you closer to impending victory.

The Asgardian Stones video slot will be built on the base of 20 fixed bet lines, 5 distinctive reels, and 3 separate rows – all of which bring forth the mighty statues, each representing a different deity. Untold treasures and forgotten knowledge awaits beyond this existence, but one must be daring enough to enter the world of unknown, which should help realize how different some of the aspects can be.