Archangels: Salvation – April 24th (2018)

Archangels: Salvation is the next new online slot that NetEnt plans on releasing during the following month. The launch date has been set for April 24th, which is when you can expect to see more of this absolutely stunning game. Featuring a theme as old as time itself, the concept has been heavily based on the duality of good and evil – heaven and hell, just as the title might suggest. Angels and demons will be present during the experience; a slot machine inspired by the worlds of fantasy and mythology.

Enter the realm of Archangels: Salvation and find out what magics lie hidden beneath the gateway into the divine dimensions, as they were concealed from mortal eyes by the gods themselves. Ensuring that such experience would carry a lot of benefits, Net Entertainment had already guaranteed a lot of bonus options, and even some unique features. This video slot will be also the first Net Ent game to have 100 bet lines, and this is an achievement on its own.

There video footage clearly shows two hot spot areas, one of the angelic kind, while the opposite – demonic. Built on 12 rows and 6 reels, the game is also going to deliver numerous wild features, substitutions, and free spins. The players can expect to meet all manner of otherworldly beings in this online slot, featuring astonishing 3D graphics, as well as the visual elements that are true to their potential and technological prowess.