3D sound effect technology in games by NetEnt

Net Entertainment is finally celebrating its long course of active pursuit for better gaming improvements, awarding this software company with twenty long years it had during the course of recent times. It is no mere achievement, as along with the multiple successful online casino websites that it had been able to support through all this time, the studio created quite many astounding games in the process, some of which have been truly defining the industry ever since the launch of either stage of the platform. As with everything connected to the technological progress goes, this would not only provide helpful additions to future expansions, but also allow for much better and improved versions of such programs to become available in due time.

Online games are heavily reliant on multiple factors, some of which are visual effects, whereas a huge part will also play distinctive background music, ambient sound and voices. NetEnt is currently working on a new project that aims to effect exactly the sound area, which may truly impact the online market with a diverse and cutting edge sound technology. Known as the 3D sound effect, the audio would be mainly used in the many games produced by the company and all those who are yet to be developed. Following the nature of three dimensional graphics, the sound effects would also manipulate additional layers of the dimensions of hearing, thus creating different effect for audio that is played near or far away, shouted or whispered and from the left side or a completely opposite direction.

There is much hope for this fascinating development to flourish, especially when it concerns virtual entertainment, as the magnitude as well as boundaries for implementing such extremely interesting concepts is practically limitless. That keeps pushing the electronic age into overdrive and with new software comes better hardware, so that more and more can be achieved through the use and help of distinctive techniques like the NetEnt's 3D sound effects technology, for instance. The following video that can be located on this page, presents exactly what the studio is up to and how the formula may change the online gaming experience in the end.